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HP 22 - Colour (cyan, magenta, yellow)1

HP 22 - Colour (cyan, magenta, yellow)
HP 22 - Colour (cyan, magenta, yellow)
Still available

Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: C9352AE#UUS

Art.No.: S7750044

original, ink cartridge, for Deskjet F2149, F2179, F2185, F2210, F2224, F2240, F2288, F2290, F375; Officejet 56XX

  • Impressive color for long-lasting photos from patented dye-based inks
  • Print vibrant colors every time with your HP printer
  • Simple to install and easy to use

Price: 24,73 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


Deskjet 3910, Deskjet 3915, Deskjet 3918, Deskjet 3920, Deskjet 3930, Deskjet 3930v, Deskjet 3938, Deskjet 3940, Deskjet 3940v, Deskjet D1311, Deskjet D1320, Deskjet D1330, Deskjet D1341, Deskjet D1360, Deskjet d1368, Deskjet D1420, Deskjet D1430, Deskjet D1445, Deskjet D1455, Deskjet D1460, Deskjet D1470, Deskjet D1520, Deskjet D1530, Deskjet D1560, Deskjet D2320, Deskjet D2330, Deskjet D2345, Deskjet D2360, Deskjet D2368, Deskjet D2430, Deskjet D2445, Deskjet D2460, Deskjet D2468, Deskjet F2110 All-in-One, Deskjet F2120 All-in-One, Deskjet F2128 All-in-One, Deskjet F2140 All-in-One, Deskjet F2149 All-in-One, Deskjet F2179 All-in-One, Deskjet F2180 All-in-One, Deskjet F2185 All-in-One, Deskjet F2187 All-in-One, Deskjet F2188 All-in-One, Deskjet F2210 All-in-One, Deskjet F2224 All-in-One, Deskjet F2235 All-in-One, Deskjet F2240 All-in-One, Deskjet F2275 All-in-One, Deskjet F2276 All-in-One, Deskjet F2280 All-in-One, Deskjet F2288 All-in-One, Deskjet F2290 All-in-One, Deskjet F310 All-in-One, Deskjet F325 All-in-One, Deskjet F335 All-in-One, Deskjet F340 All-in-One, Deskjet F350 All-in-One, Deskjet F370 All-in-One, Deskjet F375 All-in-One, Deskjet F378 All-in-One, Deskjet F380 All-in-One, Deskjet F385 All-in-One, Deskjet F388, Deskjet F390 All-in-One, Deskjet F394 All-in-One, Deskjet F4135 All-in-One, Deskjet F4140 All-in-One, Deskjet F4150 All-in-One, Deskjet F4172 All-in-One, Deskjet F4175 All-in-One, Deskjet F4180 All-in-One, Deskjet F4185 All-in-One, Deskjet F4188 All-in-One, Deskjet F4190 All-in-One, Deskjet F4194 All-in-One, Fax 1250, Fax 3180, Officejet 4311 All-in-One, Officejet 4312 All-in-One, Officejet 4315 All-in-One, Officejet 4315v All-in-One, Officejet 4315xi All-in-One, Officejet 4317 All-in-One, Officejet 4319 All-in-One, Officejet 4352 All-in-One, Officejet 4353 All-in-One, Officejet 4355 All-in-One, Officejet 4357 All-in-One, Officejet 4359 All-in-One, Officejet 5605 All-in-One, Officejet 5605z All-in-One, Officejet 5607 All-in-One, Officejet 5608 All-in-One, Officejet 5609 All-in-One, Officejet 5610 All-in-One, Officejet 5610v All-in-One, Officejet 5610xi All-in-One, Officejet 5615 All-in-One, Officejet 5679, Officejet 9120 All-in-One, Officejet J3608 All-in-One, Officejet J3625 All-in-One, Officejet J3635 All-in-One, Officejet J3640 All-in-One, Officejet J3650 All-in-One, Officejet J3680 All-in-One, Officejet J5508 All-in-One, Officejet J5520 All-in-One, psc 1401 All-in-One, psc 1402 All-in-One, psc 1403, psc 1406, psc 1408, psc 1410 All-in-One, psc 1410v All-in-One, psc 1410xi, psc 1415, psc 1417
The HP 22 Tri-Color Inkjet Print Cartridge produces brilliant, long-lasting photo-quality output using patented dye-based inks formulated to work precisely with your HP printing system for outstanding results every time.
Product Description HP 22 - colour (cyan, magenta, yellow) - original - ink cartridge
Product Type Ink cartridge
Printing Technology Ink-jet
Printing Colour Colour (cyan, magenta, yellow)
Localisation English, Italian, Swedish, Spanish / Denmark, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland
Compatible with Deskjet D1455, D1460, D1520, D1530, D1560, D2320, D2345, D2468, F2110, F2120, F2128, F2149, F2179, F2180, F2185, F2187, F2188, F2210, F2224, F2235, F2240, F2275, F2276, F2280, F2288, F2290, F375, F4172, F4175, F4185, F4188, F4190, F4194; Officejet 56XX, J3608, J3625, J3635, J3650, J5508, J5520
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