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HP G2 - Headset1

HP G2 - Headset
HP G2 - Headset
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Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: 428H6AA

Art.No.: S25873311

on-ear, wired, 3.5 mm jack, shadow black, for HP 14, 15, 17, 24, 256 G8; ENVY 13, 17; ENVY x360; Pavilion Gaming 15, 17; Spectre x360

Price: 32,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


14-dq2020nr, 14-dq2031tg, 14-fq0032od, 14-fq0060nr, 14-fq1021nr, 14-fq1030ca, 14s-dq0034nl, 14s-dq0038nl, 14s-dq0051nf, 14s-dq0400nd, 14s-dq0824nd, 14s-dq0825nd, 14s-dq0900nd, 14s-dq1246no, 14s-dq2000nh, 14s-dq2000ns, 14s-dq2001nh, 14s-dq2002nh, 14s-dq2003nh, 14s-dq2007na, 14s-dq2007no, 14s-dq2014nh, 14s-dq2015nh, 14s-dq2016no, 14s-dq2035nb, 14s-dq2154ng, 14s-dq2401nd, 14s-dq2510na, 14s-dq2890nd, 14s-dq2998nb, 14s-dq3003nq, 14s-dq3008no, 14s-dq3009no, 14s-dq3014no, 14s-dq3025no, 14s-dq3111ng, 14s-fq0018na, 14s-fq0029AU, 14s-fq0031nl, 14s-fq0035nh, 14s-fq0098nf, 14s-fq0114nf, 14s-fq0192nb, 14s-fq0700ng, 14s-fq1014nq, 14s-fq1034no, 14s-fq1998nb, 15-dw1026no, 15-dw1027nq, 15-dw1073nf, 15-dw3005ny, 15-dw3007ny, 15-dw3009ny, 15-dw3017no, 15-dw3031cl, 15-dw3035nq, 15-dw3053nq, 15-dw3058cl, 15-dw3363st, 15-dw3365st, 15-dy2001cy, 15-dy2001ds, 15-dy2002cy, 15-dy2002ds, 15-dy2003cy, 15-dy2003ds, 15-dy2004cy, 15-dy2004ds, 15-dy2005ds, 15-dy2005tg, 15-dy2006ds, 15-dy2007cy, 15-dy2007ds, 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256 G8, Chromebase 22-aa0300ng, ENVY 13-ba1026nn, ENVY 13-ba1072no, ENVY 17-ch0007nb, ENVY 17-ch0008nb, ENVY 17-ch0010nb, ENVY 17-ch0011nr, ENVY 17-ch0176ng, ENVY 17-ch0180ng, ENVY 17-ch0356ng, ENVY 17-ch0359ng, ENVY 17-ch0455ng, ENVY 17-ch1007nm, ENVY 17m-ch0013dx, ENVY x360 13-ay0019na, ENVY x360 13-ay0775ng, ENVY x360 13-ay1052ng, ENVY x360 13-ay1056ng, ENVY x360 13-ay1074ng, ENVY x360 13-ay1076ng, ENVY x360 13-ay1825nd, ENVY x360 13-bd0000nb, ENVY x360 13-bd0028nn, ENVY x360 13-bd0030nn, ENVY x360 13-bd0357ng, ENVY x360 13-bd0550nd, ENVY x360 15-ed1004nb, ENVY x360 15-ed1019nb, ENVY x360 15-ee0006na, ENVY x360 15-ee1002nc, ENVY x360 15-es0002nb, ENVY x360 15-es0155ng, ENVY x360 15-es0156ng, ENVY x360 15-es0177ng, ENVY x360 15-es0750nz, ENVY x360 15-es0775ng, ENVY x360 15-es0950nz, ENVY x360 15-es1017nn, ENVY x360 15-es1506nz, ENVY x360 15-es1756nz, ENVY x360 15-eu0000nb, ENVY x360 15-eu0005na, ENVY x360 15-eu0012nn, ENVY x360 15-eu0034no, ENVY x360 15-eu0154ng, ENVY x360 15-eu0155ng, ENVY x360 15-eu0175ng, ENVY x360 15-eu0178ng, ENVY x360 15-eu0436nz, ENVY x360 15-eu0755ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1425nf, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk2015nu, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk2080nq, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk2102nq, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk2757nd, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk2767nd, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk2777nd, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd1644ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd2030nm, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd2076nf, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd2730nd, Spectre x360 16-f0012nn, Spectre x360 16-f0030no, Spectre x360 16-f0702nz, Spectre x360 16-f0722nz, Spectre x360 16-f0902nz, Spectre x360 16-f0922nz
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Product Description HP G2 - headset
Product Type Headset - wired - 3.5 mm jack
Recommended Use Computer
Colour Shadow black
Headphones Form Factor On-ear
Connectivity Technology Wired
Sound Output Mode Stereo
Microphone Boom
Microphone Active Noise Cancelling Yes
Controls Volume, microphone on/mute, play/pause
Designed For HP 14, 14s, 15, 15s, 17, 24, 256 G8; Chromebase 22; ENVY 13, 17, 17m; ENVY x360; Pavilion Gaming 15, 17; Spectre x360
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