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HP 150 - Mouse1

HP 150 - Mouse
HP 150 - Mouse
Not available

Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: 2S9L1AA#ABB

Art.No.: S25676606

right-handed, optical, 3 buttons, wireless, 2.4 GHz, USB wireless receiver, for OMEN 25L by HP; 30L by HP; HP 14, 15, 17, 24, 27; ENVY TE01; Pavilion 14, 24, 27, TP01

Price: 18,13 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


14-cf2033wm, 14-cf3750ng, 14-dk1022nf, 14-dq2020nr, 14-dq2031tg, 14-fq0032od, 14-fq0060nr, 14-fq1021nr, 14-fq1030ca, 14s-cf2060TU, 14s-dq0034nl, 14s-dq0038nl, 14s-dq0051nf, 14s-dq0400nd, 14s-dq0824nd, 14s-dq0825nd, 14s-dq0900nd, 14s-dq1246no, 14s-dq2000nh, 14s-dq2000ns, 14s-dq2001nh, 14s-dq2002nh, 14s-dq2003nh, 14s-dq2007na, 14s-dq2007no, 14s-dq2014nh, 14s-dq2015nh, 14s-dq2016no, 14s-dq2035nb, 14s-dq2154ng, 14s-dq2401nd, 14s-dq2510na, 14s-dq2890nd, 14s-dq2998nb, 14s-dq3003nq, 14s-dq3008no, 14s-dq3009no, 14s-dq3014no, 14s-dq3025no, 14s-dq3111ng, 14s-fq0018na, 14s-fq0029AU, 14s-fq0031nl, 14s-fq0035nh, 14s-fq0098nf, 14s-fq0114nf, 14s-fq0192nb, 14s-fq0700ng, 14s-fq1014nq, 14s-fq1034no, 14s-fq1998nb, 15-db1014na, 15-db1100ny, 15-dw1026no, 15-dw1027nq, 15-dw1073nf, 15-dw3005ny, 15-dw3007ny, 15-dw3009ny, 15-dw3017no, 15-dw3031cl, 15-dw3035nq, 15-dw3053nq, 15-dw3058cl, 15-dw3363st, 15-dw3365st, 15-dy2001cy, 15-dy2001ds, 15-dy2002cy, 15-dy2002ds, 15-dy2003cy, 15-dy2003ds, 15-dy2004cy, 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by HP 16-d0000nh, by HP 16-d0001nh, by HP 16-d0002nh, by HP 16-d0005nh, by HP 16-d0014no, by HP 16-d0025no, by HP 16-d0027no, by HP 16-d0057nq, by HP 16-d0100nq, by HP 16-d0413nf, by HP 16-d0455ng, by HP 16-d0545nd, by HP 16-e0020ca, by HP 16-e0065nq, by HP 16-e0077nq, by HP 16-e0551nd, by HP 16-e0552nd
Marketing description is not available.
Product Description HP 150 - mouse - 2.4 GHz
Device Type Mouse
Connectivity Technology Wireless - 2.4 GHz
Orientation Right-handed
Dimensions (WxDxH) 6.11 cm x 10.3 cm x 3.4 cm
Weight 50 g
Localisation Europe
Wireless Receiver USB wireless receiver
Movement Detection Technology Optical
Buttons Qty 3
Movement Resolution 1600 dpi
Battery AA type
OS Required Windows 10
Designed For OMEN 25L by HP; 30L by HP; OMEN by HP 15, 16, 17; Victus by HP 16; HP 14, 15, 17, 21, 22, 24, 27; Chromebook x360; Desktop M01; ENVY 13, 17, 32, TE01; ENVY x360; Pavilion 13, 14, 15, 24, 27, TP01; Pavilion Aero 13; Pavilion Gaming 15, 17, TG01; Pavilion x360; Slim S01; Spectre x360; Stream 11

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The chemical symbol for the hazardous substance is indicated beside the wheelie bin symbol. Cd stands for cadmium, Pb for lead and Hg for mercury.


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