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HP Notebook Sleeve - Notebook sleeve1

HP Notebook Sleeve - Notebook sleeve
HP Notebook Sleeve - Notebook sleeve
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Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: V5C30AA#ABB

Art.No.: S16865652

15.6", black, red, for HP 15; ENVY 13; ENVY x360; Pavilion 15; Pavilion Gaming 15; Pavilion x360; Spectre x360

  • With its sleek, zipper-less enclosure your notebook can enjoy a convenient, reliable fit
  • Whether you're carrying it in your bag for school, or just taking your PC down to the local coffee shop, the durable neoprene material helps protect against bumps and scrapes
  • This sleeve is the perfect fit your device needs

Price: 14,26 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


15-h203nf, 15-h206nf, 15-s100na, 15-s100ng, 15-s100no, 15-s101na, 15-s101nl, 15-s102nl, 15-s103nl, 15-s104na, 15-s104nz, 15-s107na, 15-s107nf, 15-s108na, 15-s109ng, 15-s111nf, 15-s120ng, 15-s130nb, 15-s135nz, 15-s144nz, 15-s180ng, 15-s200no, 15-s230nb


14 cm0918nd, 14-am034tu, 14-bp151sa, 14-cf0005ns, 14-cf0006ns, 14-cf0007ns, 14-cf0008ns, 14-cf0009ns, 14-cf0012dx, 14-cf0014na, 14-cf0034nf, 14-cf0095nb, 14-cf0500na, 14-cf0797no, 14-cf0925nd, 14-cf1002ns, 14-cf1005nl, 14-cf1005no, 14-cf1006no, 14-cf1012no, 14-cf1020na, 14-cf1020od, 14-cf1051od, 14-cf1061st, 14-cf1502na, 14-cf1506na, 14-cf1599na, 14-cf1923nd, 14-cf1932nd, 14-cf2004nf, 14-ck0000na, 14-ck0005na, 14-ck0007no, 14-ck0031na, 14-ck0081nb, 14-ck0083no, 14-ck0104ng, 14-ck0105ng, 14-ck0106ng, 14-ck0107ng, 14-ck0211ng, 14-ck0402ng, 14-ck0501na, 14-ck0596na, 14-ck0597na, 14-ck0925nd, 14-ck1006no, 14-ck1101ng, 14-ck1108ng, 14-ck1109ng, 14-ck1110ng, 14-ck1111ng, 14-ck1203ng, 14-ck1950nd, 14-ck2330ng, 14-cm0002ns, 14-cm0004ns, 14-cm0008ns, 14-cm0022nb, 14-cm0026na, 14-cm0036na, 14-cm0036no, 14-cm0037na, 14-cm0038na, 14-cm0042na, 14-cm0045na, 14-cm0065st, 14-cm0507na, 14-cm0597na, 14-cm0610ng, 14-cm0918nd, 14-cm0980na, 14-cm0994nf, 14-cm1001no, 14-cm1003no, 14-cm1005no, 14-cm1009nc, 14-cm1009no, 14-cm1010nc, 14-df0002nf, 14-df0003ns, 14-df0004na, 14-df0005ns, 14-df0006ns, 14-df0053od, 14-dg0001ng, 14-dg0003nd, 14-dg0521na, 14-dk0000nf, 14-dk0001nl, 14-dk0002dx, 14-dk0002no, 14-dk0002ns, 14-dk0004nf, 14-dk0008na, 14-dk0008nb, 14-dk0008no, 14-dk0008ns, 14-dk0010no, 14-dk0010nr, 14-dk0011na, 14-dk0011nf, 14-dk0011no, 14-dk0012no, 14-dk0012ns, 14-dk0014no, 14-dk0015nl, 14-dk0017na, 14-dk0017ns, 14-dk0018na, 14-dk0019no, 14-dk0021ns, 14-dk0022ns, 14-dk0023nf, 14-dk0023ns, 14-dk0025nf, 14-dk0025nl, 14-dk0028no, 14-dk0030nl, 14-dk0032nf, 14-dk0034no, 14-dk0035nf, 14-dk0040no, 14-dk0047nf, 14-dk0052nf, 14-dk0053od, 14-dk0058nf, 14-dk0068no, 14-dk0075nr, 14-dk0099no, 14-dk0101ng, 14-dk0104ng, 14-dk0111no, 14-dk0202ng, 14-dk0301no, 14-dk0404ng, 14-dk0631ng, 14-dk0731ms, 14-dk0904ng, 14-dk0905ng, 14-dk0906ng, 14-dk0907ng, 14-dk0908ng, 14-dk0909ng, 14-dk0910ng, 14-dk0911ng, 14-dk0932nd, 14-dk0933nd, 14-dq1007nl, 14-dq1038wm, 14-dq1039wm, 14-dq1115no, 14s-cf0079tu, 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ENVY 15-ae113nb, ENVY 15-ae113nf, ENVY 15-ae114nf, ENVY 15-ae115nf, ENVY 15-ae116nf, ENVY 15-ae117nf, ENVY 15-ae120nd, ENVY 15-ae120nf, ENVY 15-ae120ng, ENVY 15-ae120nw, ENVY 15-ae121na, ENVY 15-ae121nd, ENVY 15-ae121nf, ENVY 15-ae123nd, ENVY 15-ae123nf, ENVY 15-ae124nf, ENVY 15-ae125nf, ENVY 15-ae126nf, ENVY 15-ae133ng, ENVY 15-ae136nz, ENVY 15-ae144tx, ENVY 15-ae145tx, ENVY 15-ae160nz, ENVY 15-ae161nz, ENVY 15-ae170nz, ENVY 15-ae180nz, ENVY 15-ae190nz, ENVY 15-ah100na, ENVY 15-ah100nd, ENVY 15-ah150na, ENVY 15-k102ng, ENVY 15-k103ng, ENVY 15-k111nf, ENVY 15-k111nl, ENVY 15-k112nl, ENVY 15-k113nl, ENVY 15-k151us, ENVY 15-k171no, ENVY 15-k172no, ENVY 15-k177nr, ENVY 15-k178nr, ENVY 15-k192nr, ENVY 15-k200na, ENVY 15-k200nf, ENVY 15-k200ng, ENVY 15-k200np, ENVY 15-k200ns, ENVY 15-k200nw, ENVY 15-k201na, ENVY 15-k201nf, ENVY 15-k201np, ENVY 15-k201ns, ENVY 15-k201nw, ENVY 15-k202na, ENVY 15-k202nf, ENVY 15-k202nl, ENVY 15-k202ns, ENVY 15-k203na, ENVY 15-k203ng, ENVY 15-k203nl, ENVY 15-k204na, ENVY 15-k204nl, ENVY 15-k206nl, ENVY 15-k207na, ENVY 15-k208nl, ENVY 15-k208TX, ENVY 15-k209na, ENVY 15-k211nf, ENVY 15-k212ca, ENVY 15-k213nf, ENVY 15-k214nf, ENVY 15-k220nr, ENVY 15-k221nf, ENVY 15-k223nf, ENVY 15-k225nf, ENVY 15-k227cl, ENVY 15-k230no, ENVY 15-K230nr, ENVY 15-k232tx, ENVY 15-k233no, ENVY 15-k238nd, ENVY 15-k240no, ENVY 15-k241nd, ENVY 15-k241no, ENVY 15-k242nd, ENVY 15-k251na, ENVY 15-k251nc, ENVY 15-k252nm, ENVY 15-k260nz, ENVY 15-k269nz, ENVY 15-k278nz, ENVY 15-k280no, ENVY 15-k281no, ENVY 15-q211ca, ENVY 15-q370ca, ENVY 15-q420nr, ENVY 15-v010nr, ENVY x2 12-g050nz, ENVY x2 15-c000na, ENVY x2 15-c000ng, ENVY x2 15-c000no, ENVY x2 15-c001dx, ENVY x2 15-c001nf, ENVY x2 15-c001ns, ENVY x2 15-c001tu, ENVY x2 15-c010ng, ENVY x2 15-c017la, ENVY x2 15-c020nd, ENVY x2 15-c020nf, ENVY x2 15-c021nd, ENVY x2 15-c029la, ENVY x2 15-c050na, ENVY x2 15-c098nf, ENVY x2 15-c101dx, ENVY x360 13-ag0001np, ENVY x360 13-ag0011au, ENVY x360 13-ag0011nl, ENVY x360 13-ag0012au, ENVY x360 13-ag0012nb, ENVY x360 13-ag0015au, ENVY x360 13-ag0023nb, ENVY x360 13-ag0030nb, ENVY x360 13-ag0031nb, ENVY x360 13-ag0550nz, ENVY x360 13-ag0998na, ENVY x360 13-ar0000nc, ENVY x360 13-ar0000ns, ENVY x360 13-ar0001na, ENVY x360 13-ar0002ns, ENVY x360 13-ar0004nl, ENVY x360 13-ar0004no, ENVY x360 13-ar0005na, ENVY x360 13-ar0005nc, ENVY x360 13-ar0005nl, ENVY x360 13-ar0006nf, ENVY x360 13-ar0008nf, ENVY x360 13-ar0014au, ENVY x360 13-ar0030au, ENVY x360 13-ar0031nb, ENVY x360 13-ar0037nb, ENVY x360 13-ar0038au, ENVY x360 13-ar0040au, ENVY x360 13-ar0043au, ENVY x360 13-ar0048au, ENVY x360 13-ar0062nr, ENVY x360 13-ar0100nc, ENVY x360 13-ar0104ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0106ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0201ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0205ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0210ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0212ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0250nd, ENVY x360 13-ar0410ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0435ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0501na, ENVY x360 13-ar0604nz, ENVY x360 13-ar0640ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0697nd, ENVY x360 13-ar0710ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0722nz, ENVY x360 13-ar0900ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0922nz, ENVY x360 15-bp152nr, ENVY x360 15-bq210nr, ENVY x360 15-bq213cl, ENVY x360 15-bq276nr, ENVY x360 15-cn0088nb, ENVY x360 15-cn0100ng, ENVY x360 15-cn0114nb, ENVY x360 15-cn0807nz, ENVY x360 15-cn1001ng, ENVY x360 15-cn1015nl, ENVY x360 15-cn1018nl, ENVY x360 15-cn1020nr, ENVY x360 15-cn1076nr, ENVY x360 15-cn1511na, ENVY x360 15-cp0599na, ENVY x360 15-Cp0800ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0000na, ENVY x360 15-dr0000nc, ENVY x360 15-dr0001nc, ENVY x360 15-dr0001ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0002nb, ENVY x360 15-dr0002nc, ENVY x360 15-dr0002ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0002no, ENVY x360 15-dr0003no, ENVY x360 15-dr0004nb, ENVY x360 15-dr0004nc, ENVY x360 15-dr0004no, ENVY x360 15-dr0005nc, ENVY x360 15-dr0005ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0006nc, ENVY x360 15-dr0007np, ENVY x360 15-dr0009nb, ENVY x360 15-dr0010nb, ENVY x360 15-dr0012nb, ENVY x360 15-dr0013nr, ENVY x360 15-dr0019nb, ENVY x360 15-dr0021nf, ENVY x360 15-dr0024tx, ENVY x360 15-dr0026na, ENVY x360 15-dr0030nb, ENVY x360 15-dr0031tx, ENVY x360 15-dr0033tx, ENVY x360 15-dr0041nb, ENVY x360 15-dr0042nb, ENVY x360 15-dr0048nb, ENVY x360 15-dr0102ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0201ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0202ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0203ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0205ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0206ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0220ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0315ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0350nd, ENVY x360 15-dr0902ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0945nd, ENVY x360 15-dr0948nd, ENVY x360 15-dr0997nz, ENVY x360 15-dr1000nb, ENVY x360 15-dr1000no, ENVY x360 15-dr1000nz, ENVY x360 15-dr1001nb, ENVY x360 15-dr1002nb, ENVY x360 15-dr1002ng, ENVY x360 15-dr1004nl, ENVY x360 15-dr1006ng, ENVY x360 15-dr1011nb, ENVY x360 15-dr1013na, ENVY x360 15-dr1029nl, ENVY x360 15-dr1032nl, ENVY x360 15-dr1150nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1210ng, ENVY x360 15-dr1212ng, ENVY x360 15-dr1214ng, ENVY x360 15-dr1230ng, ENVY x360 15-dr1230no, ENVY x360 15-dr1233ng, ENVY x360 15-dr1234ng, ENVY x360 15-dr1250no, ENVY x360 15-dr1300nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1500nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1650nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1701ng, ENVY x360 15-dr1710ng, ENVY x360 15-dr1711ng, ENVY x360 15-dr1800nz, ENVY x360 15-dr1850nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1901ng, ENVY x360 15-dr1906nz, ENVY x360 15-dr1945nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1948nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1994nz, ENVY x360 15-dr1996nz, ENVY x360 15-dr1999nz, ENVY x360 15-ds0000na, ENVY x360 15-ds0001nc, ENVY x360 15-ds0001ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0001no, ENVY x360 15-ds0003no, ENVY x360 15-ds0004nf, ENVY x360 15-ds0004no, ENVY x360 15-ds0005nc, ENVY x360 15-ds0005ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0005no, ENVY x360 15-ds0006no, ENVY x360 15-ds0009nf, ENVY x360 15-ds0013nr, ENVY x360 15-ds0021au, ENVY x360 15-ds0024au, ENVY x360 15-ds0032au, ENVY x360 15-ds0035au, ENVY x360 15-ds0062no, ENVY x360 15-ds0101ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0102ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0104nc, ENVY x360 15-ds0500nd, ENVY x360 15-ds0503nz, ENVY x360 15-ds0509nz, ENVY x360 15-ds0599na, ENVY x360 15-ds0809nz, ENVY x360 15-ds0844nz, ENVY x360 15-ds0900ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0901ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0902ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0903ng, ENVY x360 15m-dr1011dx, ENVY x360 15m-dr1012dx, ENVY x360 15-u100nc, ENVY x360 15-u100ng, ENVY x360 15-u100no, ENVY x360 15-u101nf, ENVY x360 15-u101ns, ENVY x360 15-u110dx, ENVY x360 15-u111dx, ENVY x360 15-u170nb, ENVY x360 15-u200na, ENVY x360 15-u200nc, ENVY x360 15-u200nf, ENVY x360 15-u200ng, ENVY x360 15-u200ns, ENVY x360 15-u201nc, ENVY x360 15-u202na, ENVY x360 15-u202nf, ENVY x360 15-u203na, ENVY x360 15-u205na, ENVY x360 15-u210nm, ENVY x360 15-u210nw, ENVY x360 15-u211nw, ENVY x360 15-u220nd, ENVY x360 15-u230no, ENVY x360 15-u231nd, ENVY x360 15-u231no, ENVY x360 15-u232nd, ENVY x360 15-u240nd, ENVY x360 15-u252na, ENVY x360 15-u270nz, ENVY x360 15-u280nb, ENVY x360 15-u280no, ENVY x360 15-u287nb, ENVY x360 15-u410nr, ENVY x360 15-w000na, ENVY x360 15-w000nf, ENVY x360 15-w000ng, ENVY x360 15-w001na, ENVY x360 15-w001ns, ENVY x360 15-w002nl, ENVY x360 15-w003na, ENVY x360 15-w005nc, ENVY x360 15-w007nc, ENVY x360 15-w030nd, ENVY x360 15-w050nw, ENVY x360 15-w051nw, ENVY x360 15-w054nw, ENVY x360 15-w060nz, ENVY x360 15-w070nz, ENVY x360 15-w072nw, ENVY x360 15-w080no, ENVY x360 15-w090nb, ENVY x360 15-w100na, ENVY x360 15-w100nc, ENVY x360 15-w100nd, ENVY x360 15-w100nf, ENVY x360 15-w100nl, ENVY x360 15-w100nm, ENVY x360 15-w100nt, ENVY x360 15-w101na, ENVY x360 15-w101nc, ENVY x360 15-w101nf, ENVY x360 15-w101nm, ENVY x360 15-w101no, ENVY x360 15-w101ns, ENVY x360 15-w101nt, ENVY x360 15-w102na, ENVY x360 15-w102ng, ENVY x360 15-w102ns, ENVY x360 15-w103nf, ENVY x360 15-w103ng, ENVY x360 15-w104ng, ENVY x360 15-w110la, ENVY x360 15-w110nd, ENVY x360 15-w110nr, ENVY x360 15-w154nw, ENVY x360 15-w160nz, ENVY x360 15-w172nw, ENVY x360 15-w190nb, ENVY x360 15-w192nb, Pavilion 13-an0000nb, Pavilion 13-an0002no, Pavilion 13-an0006no, Pavilion 13-an0009na, Pavilion 13-an0019nb, Pavilion 13-an0025nf, Pavilion 13-an0030wm, Pavilion 13-an0031wm, Pavilion 13-an0054tu, Pavilion 13-an0105ng, Pavilion 13-an0205ng, Pavilion 13-an0207ng, Pavilion 13-an0430nd, Pavilion 13-an0506na, Pavilion 13-an0701nd, Pavilion 13-an0904ng, Pavilion 13-an1006nf, Pavilion 13-an1010nr, Pavilion 13-an1230ng, Pavilion 13-an1241no, Pavilion 13-an1430nd, Pavilion 13-an1900ng, Pavilion 13-an1912nd, Pavilion 14-ce0000nh, Pavilion 14-ce0001no, Pavilion 14-ce0005ns, Pavilion 14-ce0007nf, Pavilion 14-ce0010na, Pavilion 14-ce0018np, Pavilion 14-ce0040nf, Pavilion 14-ce0502sa, Pavilion 14-ce0523na, Pavilion 14-ce0524na, Pavilion 14-ce0525na, Pavilion 14-ce0593na, Pavilion 14-ce0594na, Pavilion 14-ce0601ng, Pavilion 14-ce0971nd, Pavilion 14-ce0996no, Pavilion 14-ce1008nf, Pavilion 14-ce1010nl, Pavilion 14-ce1020nf, Pavilion 14-ce1023nf, Pavilion 14-ce1024nf, Pavilion 14-ce1056wm, Pavilion 14-ce1058wm, Pavilion 14-ce1507na, Pavilion 14-ce1509na, Pavilion 14-ce1510sa, Pavilion 14-ce1511na, Pavilion 14-ce1606ng, Pavilion 14-ce1820nd, Pavilion 14-ce1830nd, Pavilion 14-ce2000na, Pavilion 14-ce2001ng, Pavilion 14-ce2002np, Pavilion 14-ce2002ns, Pavilion 14-ce2003ns, Pavilion 14-ce2005ng, Pavilion 14-ce2006ns, Pavilion 14-ce2007ng, Pavilion 14-ce2007np, Pavilion 14-ce2007ns, Pavilion 14-ce2008ns, Pavilion 14-ce2009ns, Pavilion 14-ce2010nl, Pavilion 14-ce2010ns, Pavilion 14-ce2011ns, Pavilion 14-ce2014nl, Pavilion 14-ce2014ns, Pavilion 14-ce2015nl, Pavilion 14-ce2016nf, Pavilion 14-ce2016nl, Pavilion 14-ce2021nl, Pavilion 14-ce2022tu, Pavilion 14-ce2045nl, Pavilion 14-ce2058tx, Pavilion 14-ce2060tx, Pavilion 14-ce2068nl, Pavilion 14-ce2068st, Pavilion 14-ce2069nb, Pavilion 14-ce2072tx, Pavilion 14-ce2074nl, Pavilion 14-ce2075nl, Pavilion 14-ce2077nb, Pavilion 14-ce2084nb, Pavilion 14-ce2084nl, Pavilion 14-ce2086nb, Pavilion 14-ce2086nl, Pavilion 14-ce2087nb, Pavilion 14-ce2087nl, Pavilion 14-ce2088nb, Pavilion 14-ce2304ng, Pavilion 14-ce2405ng, Pavilion 14-ce2500na, Pavilion 14-ce2500sa, Pavilion 14-ce2660nd, Pavilion 14-ce2670nd, Pavilion 14-ce2704nd, Pavilion 14-ce2706nd, Pavilion 14-ce2715nd, Pavilion 14-ce2716nd, Pavilion 14-ce2831nd, Pavilion 14-ce3000ns, Pavilion 14-ce3002na, Pavilion 14-ce3003na, Pavilion 14-ce3003ns, Pavilion 14-ce3004nf, Pavilion 14-ce3005nb, Pavilion 14-ce3005nf, Pavilion 14-ce3005ns, Pavilion 14-ce3006ns, Pavilion 14-ce3008nb, Pavilion 14-ce3008ns, Pavilion 14-ce3009ns, Pavilion 14-ce3010ng, Pavilion 14-ce3011ng, Pavilion 14-ce3025nl, Pavilion 14-ce3026nl, Pavilion 14-ce3027nl, Pavilion 14-ce3029nl, Pavilion 14-ce3031nl, Pavilion 14-ce3035no, Pavilion 14-ce3040ng, Pavilion 14-ce3645nd, Pavilion 14-ce3670nd, Pavilion 14-ce3704nd, Pavilion 14-ce3706nd, Pavilion 14-ce3716nd, Pavilion 14-ce3806nz, Pavilion 14-ce3831nd, Pavilion 14-ce3832nd, Pavilion 14-ce3833nd, Pavilion 14-ce3835nd, Pavilion 15-ab000na, Pavilion 15-ab000nc, Pavilion 15-ab001na, Pavilion 15-ab001nh, Pavilion 15-ab001np, Pavilion 15-ab002nf, Pavilion 15-ab002nh, Pavilion 15-ab002ns, Pavilion 15-ab003nh, Pavilion 15-ab004la, Pavilion 15-ab004nc, Pavilion 15-ab004nh, Pavilion 15-ab005nf, Pavilion 15-ab007na, Pavilion 15-ab008na, Pavilion 15-ab008nf, Pavilion 15-ab008ng, Pavilion 15-ab009nm, Pavilion 15-ab010na, Pavilion 15-ab010nd, Pavilion 15-ab010nm, Pavilion 15-ab010no, Pavilion 15-ab010nr, Pavilion 15-ab010nz, Pavilion 15-ab011nd, Pavilion 15-ab011nf, Pavilion 15-ab011nm, Pavilion 15-ab011nz, Pavilion 15-ab012na, Pavilion 15-ab012nd, Pavilion 15-ab012nf, Pavilion 15-ab012nl, Pavilion 15-ab013na, Pavilion 15-ab013nf, Pavilion 15-ab014nf, Pavilion 15-ab015na, Pavilion 15-ab015nc, Pavilion 15-ab015nf, Pavilion 15-ab017na, Pavilion 15-ab018na, Pavilion 15-ab019na, Pavilion 15-ab020ca, Pavilion 15-ab020na, Pavilion 15-ab020nd, Pavilion 15-ab020nf, Pavilion 15-ab020ng, Pavilion 15-ab020no, Pavilion 15-ab020nr, Pavilion 15-ab021ca, Pavilion 15-ab021nf, Pavilion 15-ab022ca, Pavilion 15-ab022na, Pavilion 15-ab022ng, Pavilion 15-ab022nl, Pavilion 15-ab022no, Pavilion 15-ab029na, Pavilion 15-ab029nc, Pavilion 15-ab031nw, Pavilion 15-ab032nc, Pavilion 15-ab033nc, Pavilion 15-ab034nc, Pavilion 15-ab034no, Pavilion 15-ab035nc, Pavilion 15-ab036nc, Pavilion 15-ab036nl, Pavilion 15-ab037nc, Pavilion 15-ab037nl, Pavilion 15-ab038nc, Pavilion 15-ab038nl, Pavilion 15-ab039nc, Pavilion 15-ab040no, Pavilion 15-ab042na, Pavilion 15-ab042no, Pavilion 15-ab045nd, Pavilion 15-ab047na, Pavilion 15-ab049na, Pavilion 15-ab050np, Pavilion 15-ab050nz, Pavilion 15-ab051np, Pavilion 15-ab051nw, Pavilion 15-ab052na, Pavilion 15-ab052nc, Pavilion 15-ab052no, Pavilion 15-ab053nr, Pavilion 15-ab054na, Pavilion 15-ab054ng, Pavilion 15-ab055ng, Pavilion 15-ab056na, Pavilion 15-ab056ng, Pavilion 15-ab056no, Pavilion 15-ab056nw, Pavilion 15-ab057nr, Pavilion 15-ab058no, Pavilion 15-ab059na, Pavilion 15-ab059nc, Pavilion 15-ab060nw, Pavilion 15-ab060nz, Pavilion 15-ab061nw, Pavilion 15-ab062na, Pavilion 15-ab063nw, Pavilion 15-ab064nc, Pavilion 15-ab064no, Pavilion 15-ab065no, Pavilion 15-ab065nw, Pavilion 15-ab066na, Pavilion 15-ab067nc, Pavilion 15-ab067no, Pavilion 15-ab068no, Pavilion 15-ab070na, Pavilion 15-ab070no, Pavilion 15-ab070nz, Pavilion 15-ab071na, Pavilion 15-ab071no, Pavilion 15-ab071nw, Pavilion 15-ab072no, Pavilion 15-ab073no, Pavilion 15-ab074no, Pavilion 15-ab075na, Pavilion 15-ab075no, Pavilion 15-ab076na, Pavilion 15-ab077na, Pavilion 15-ab078na, Pavilion 15-ab078nc, Pavilion 15-ab079nc, Pavilion 15-ab080nc, Pavilion 15-ab080nd, Pavilion 15-ab081nc, Pavilion 15-ab081nw, Pavilion 15-ab082nc, Pavilion 15-ab083nc, Pavilion 15-ab083nw, Pavilion 15-ab083tx, Pavilion 15-ab085no, Pavilion 15-ab085nw, Pavilion 15-ab090na, Pavilion 15-ab095na, Pavilion 15-ab098na, Pavilion 15-ab099na, Pavilion 15-ab100nd, Pavilion 15-ab100no, Pavilion 15-ab100ns, Pavilion 15-ab101na, Pavilion 15-ab101no, Pavilion 15-ab102ng, Pavilion 15-ab102no, Pavilion 15-ab102np, Pavilion 15-ab102ny, Pavilion 15-ab103na, Pavilion 15-ab103nc, Pavilion 15-ab103ng, Pavilion 15-ab103no, Pavilion 15-ab104na, Pavilion 15-ab104nc, Pavilion 15-ab104nh, Pavilion 15-ab104no, Pavilion 15-ab105na, Pavilion 15-ab105nh, Pavilion 15-ab105no, Pavilion 15-ab105ns, Pavilion 15-ab106la, Pavilion 15-ab106na, Pavilion 15-ab106nf, Pavilion 15-ab106nh, Pavilion 15-ab106no, Pavilion 15-ab106ns, Pavilion 15-ab107nf, Pavilion 15-ab107ng, Pavilion 15-ab108ng, Pavilion 15-ab108nh, Pavilion 15-ab109ng, Pavilion 15-ab109nh, Pavilion 15-ab109ns, Pavilion 15-ab110na, Pavilion 15-ab110nl, Pavilion 15-ab110no, Pavilion 15-Ab110Nr, Pavilion 15-ab110ns, Pavilion 15-ab111la, Pavilion 15-ab111na, Pavilion 15-ab111ng, Pavilion 15-ab111ns, Pavilion 15-ab112nl, Pavilion 15-ab112no, Pavilion 15-ab112ns, Pavilion 15-ab113n, Pavilion 15-ab113na, Pavilion 15-ab113nl, Pavilion 15-ab114na, Pavilion 15-ab114ng, Pavilion 15-ab114no, Pavilion 15-ab114ns, Pavilion 15-ab115na, Pavilion 15-ab115ng, Pavilion 15-ab115no, Pavilion 15-ab115ns, Pavilion 15-ab116la, Pavilion 15-ab116nl, Pavilion 15-ab116no, Pavilion 15-ab116ns, Pavilion 15-ab117na, Pavilion 15-ab117ns, Pavilion 15-ab118na, Pavilion 15-ab118nc, Pavilion 15-ab118no, Pavilion 15-ab118ns, Pavilion 15-ab119na, Pavilion 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Spectre x360 13-aw0023dx, Spectre x360 13-aw0025ng, Spectre x360 13-aw0029tu, Spectre x360 13-aw0030ng, Spectre x360 13-aw0057na, Spectre x360 13-aw0063nb, Spectre x360 13-aw0106nc, Spectre x360 13-aw0170tu, Spectre x360 13-aw0272no, Spectre x360 13-aw0273no, Spectre x360 13-aw0502nz, Spectre x360 13-aw0512nz, Spectre x360 13-aw0522nz, Spectre x360 13-aw0609nz, Spectre x360 13-aw0610ng, Spectre x360 13-aw0690nd, Spectre x360 13-aw0702nz, Spectre x360 13-aw0712nz, Spectre x360 13-aw0722nz, Spectre x360 13-aw0724nz, Spectre x360 13-aw0900ng, Spectre x360 13-aw0904ng, Spectre x360 13-aw0999nz, Spectre x360 15-ap000na, Spectre x360 15-ap002ng, Spectre x360 15-ap003nf, Spectre x360 15-ap003ng, Spectre x360 15-ap004na, Spectre x360 15-ap004ng, Spectre x360 15-ap005na, Spectre x360 15-ap006ng, Spectre x360 15-ap007na, Spectre x360 15-ap007nd, Spectre x360 15-ap010ca, Spectre x360 15-ap010na, Spectre x360 15-ap011dx, Spectre x360 15-ap012dx, Spectre x360 15-ap012na, Spectre x360 15-ap052nr, 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Stream 14-ds0006nb, Stream 14-ds0006nf, Stream 14-ds0007nb, Stream 14-ds0008nb, Stream 14-ds0009nc, Stream 14-ds0009nl, Stream 14-ds0010nf, Stream 14-ds0011nc, Stream 14-ds0011nl, Stream 14-ds0012nl, Stream 14-ds0020nr, Stream 14-ds0030nr, Stream 14-ds0040nr, Stream 14-ds0050nr, Stream 14-ds0060nr, Stream 14-ds0061cl, Stream 14-ds0206ng, Stream 14-ds0207ng, Stream 14-ds0506nz, TouchSmart 15-g220ca, TouchSmart 15-g221ca, TouchSmart 15-g222ca, TouchSmart 15-r106na, TouchSmart 15-r123na, TouchSmart 15-r134cl, TouchSmart 15-r136wm, TouchSmart 15-r137wm, TouchSmart 15-r138ds, TouchSmart 15-r139ds, TouchSmart 15-r142ds, TouchSmart 15-r143ds, TouchSmart 15-r150nr, TouchSmart 15-r154nr, TouchSmart 15-r202na, TouchSmart 15-r206na, TouchSmart 15-r221cy, TouchSmart 15-r224cy, TouchSmart 15-r226cy, TouchSmart 15-r253cl, x360 11-ab100ns, ZBook 15 G2 Mobile Workstation


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Wrap your notebook in the snug, colorful sleeve it deserves. The durable neoprene material helps keep your notebook safe from bumps and scrapes. It's never been easier to match your style.
Product Description HP Notebook Sleeve - notebook sleeve
Product Type Notebook sleeve
Colour Black, red
Product Material Neoprene
Dimensions (WxDxH) 40 cm x 1 cm x 28 cm
Weight 218 g
Notebook Compatibility 15.6"
Features Reversible
Localisation English / Europe
Designed For OMEN by HP 15; OMEN X by HP 2S; Compaq 15; HP 14, 15, 15 -1084; Chromebook 14, 15; Chromebook x360; ENVY 13, 15; ENVY x2; x360; Pavilion 13, 14, 15; Pavilion Gaming 15; Pavilion TouchSmart 15; Pavilion x360; Spectre 13; Spectre Folio 13; Spectre x360; Stream 11, 14; TouchSmart 15; x360; ZBook 15 G2
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