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Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - Extended service agreement1

Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - Extended service agreement
Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - Extended service agreement

Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: UM962E

Art.No.: S7421901

parts and labour, 2 years, pick-up and return, for OMEN X by HP 2S; HP 14, 15, 17; ENVY 13, 15, 17; ENVY x360; Pavilion 13; Pavilion x360

Price: 70,04 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service with Accidental Damage Protection


14s-dq2077tu, 15-db0053nl, 15-dw3233ng, 15-dw3248ng, 15-dw3254ng, 15-dw3263ng, 15-dw3267ng, 15s-eq1089ns, 15s-fq2053ns, 15s-fq2054ns, 15s-fq2055ns, 17-by4004nl, Chromebook 14-q010nr, ENVY 11-g012nr, ENVY 13-ab040nf, ENVY 13-ah0001na, ENVY 13-ah0003na, ENVY 13-ah0004no, ENVY 13-ah0005no, ENVY 13-ah0007no, ENVY 13-ah0008no, ENVY 13-ah0009no, ENVY 13-ah0013no, ENVY 13-ah0014no, ENVY 13-ah0015no, ENVY 13-ah0320nd, ENVY 13-ah0560nd, ENVY 13-ah1002na, ENVY 13-ah1005no, ENVY 13-ah1015no, ENVY 13-ah1125nd, ENVY 13-ah1135nd, ENVY 13-ah1507sa, ENVY 13-aq0000na, ENVY 13-aq0000ns, ENVY 13-aq0001ng, ENVY 13-aq0001no, ENVY 13-aq0002na, ENVY 13-aq0002ng, ENVY 13-aq0002ns, ENVY 13-aq0003na, ENVY 13-aq0003no, ENVY 13-aq0003ns, ENVY 13-aq0004no, ENVY 13-aq0004ns, ENVY 13-aq0005no, ENVY 13-aq0005ns, ENVY 13-aq0006nf, ENVY 13-aq0006no, ENVY 13-aq0006ns, ENVY 13-aq0007nl, ENVY 13-aq0008no, ENVY 13-aq0008ns, ENVY 13-aq0009na, ENVY 13-aq0010no, ENVY 13-aq0011na, ENVY 13-aq0019tu, ENVY 13-aq0020tu, ENVY 13-aq0026nf, ENVY 13-aq0027tx, ENVY 13-aq0101ng, ENVY 13-aq0150nd, ENVY 13-aq0155nd, ENVY 13-aq0200ng, ENVY 13-aq0350nd, ENVY 13-aq0500nz, ENVY 13-aq0500sa, ENVY 13-aq0610nd, ENVY 13-aq0650nd, ENVY 13-aq0701nd, ENVY 13-aq0912nd, ENVY 13-aq0914nd, ENVY 13-aq0915nd, ENVY 13-aq1000nd, ENVY 13-aq1000ns, ENVY 13-aq1001na, ENVY 13-aq1001nf, ENVY 13-aq1001ns, ENVY 13-aq1002ng, ENVY 13-aq1002ns, ENVY 13-aq1004ns, ENVY 13-aq1005na, ENVY 13-aq1006na, ENVY 13-aq1006nl, ENVY 13-aq1009na, ENVY 13-aq1011no, ENVY 13-aq1013nf, ENVY 13-aq1024no, ENVY 13-aq1025tu, ENVY 13-aq1058tu, ENVY 13-aq1134no, ENVY 13-aq1150nd, ENVY 13-aq1160nd, ENVY 13-aq1165nd, ENVY 13-aq1220nd, ENVY 13-aq1230no, ENVY 13-aq1231no, ENVY 13-aq1233no, ENVY 13-aq1450nd, ENVY 13-aq1611nd, ENVY 13-aq1651nd, ENVY 13-aq1914nd, ENVY 13-ba0000ns, ENVY 13-ba0002na, ENVY 13-ba0002nl, ENVY 13-ba0004ns, ENVY 13-ba0007no, ENVY 13-ba0009nl, ENVY 13-ba0010na, ENVY 13-ba0059tu, ENVY 13-ba0061no, ENVY 13-ba0150nd, ENVY 13-ba0165nd, ENVY 13-ba0250nd, ENVY 13-ba0450nd, ENVY 13-ba0505na, ENVY 13-ba0550nd, ENVY 13-ba0553na, ENVY 13-ba0555nd, ENVY 13-ba0558na, ENVY 13-ba0611nd, ENVY 13-ba0651nd, ENVY 13-ba0700nd, ENVY 13-ba0750nd, ENVY 13-ba0951nd, ENVY 13-ba0972nd, ENVY 13-ba0988nd, ENVY 13-ba1000nm, ENVY 13-ba1001no, ENVY 13-ba1001ns, ENVY 13-ba1005ns, ENVY 13-ba1013na, ENVY 13-ba1014na, ENVY 13-ba1017ns, ENVY 13-ba1019ns, ENVY 13-ba1021ns, ENVY 13-ba1022nl, ENVY 13-ba1071no, ENVY 13-ba1160nd, ENVY 13-ba1560nd, ENVY 13-ba1612nd, ENVY 13-ba1652nd, ENVY 13-ba1840nd, ENVY 13-ba1841nd, ENVY 13-ba1845nd, ENVY 13-ba1846nd, ENVY 13-ba1848nd, ENVY 13-ba1849nd, ENVY 13-d000nn, ENVY 13-d001ns, ENVY 13-D001TU, ENVY 13-d002nn, ENVY 13-d002ns, ENVY 13-D005TU, ENVY 13-D007TU, ENVY 13-d010ca, ENVY 13-d010nr, ENVY 13-d099nr, ENVY 14-u185la, ENVY 14-u213cl, ENVY 15-ae031tx, ENVY 15-ae032tx, ENVY 15-ae100ns, ENVY 15-ae101nm, ENVY 15-ae101tx, ENVY 15-ae102ne, ENVY 15-ae102tx, ENVY 15-ae103ng, ENVY 15-ae103tx, ENVY 15-ae104nm, ENVY 15-ae104tx, ENVY 15-ae105tx, ENVY 15-ae106tx, ENVY 15-ae107tx, ENVY 15-ae109tx, ENVY 15-ep0000ns, ENVY 15-ep0001nl, ENVY 15-ep0002ns, ENVY 15-ep0003nl, ENVY 15-ep0005nl, ENVY 15-ep0008na, ENVY 15-ep0010na, ENVY 15-ep0011na, ENVY 15-ep0011ns, ENVY 15-ep0012ns, ENVY 15-ep0015nl, ENVY 15-ep0017no, ENVY 15-ep0018no, ENVY 15-ep0027no, ENVY 15-ep0030no, ENVY 15-ep0099tx, ENVY 15-ep0101tx, ENVY 15-ep0106tx, ENVY 15-ep0150nd, ENVY 15-ep0155nd, ENVY 15-ep0170nd, ENVY 15-ep0175nd, ENVY 15-ep0190nd, ENVY 15-ep0700nd, ENVY 15-ep1310nd, ENVY 15-ep1330nd, ENVY 15-ep1350nd, ENVY 15-ep1380nd, ENVY 15-ep1395nd, ENVY 15-j006cl, ENVY 15-j011dx, ENVY 15-j017cl, ENVY 15-j023c, ENVY 15-j032nr, ENVY 15-k020us, ENVY 15-k073ca, ENVY 15-k081nr, ENVY 15-k163cl, ENVY 15-k167cl, ENVY 15-k206nl, ENVY 15-k223nf, ENVY 15-K230nr, ENVY 15-k232tx, ENVY 15-q002la, ENVY 15-q005tx, ENVY 15-q370ca, ENVY 15-q420nr, ENVY 15-q667nr, ENVY 15z-j100, ENVY 17-bw0000na, ENVY 17-bw0000no, ENVY 17-bw0001no, ENVY 17-bw0003na, ENVY 17-bw0005na, ENVY 17-bw0006na, ENVY 17-bw0503na, ENVY 17-bw0550nd, ENVY 17-bw0999na, ENVY 17-ce0000ng, ENVY 17-ce0000no, ENVY 17-ce0001ns, ENVY 17-ce0003nl, ENVY 17-ce0004ng, ENVY 17-ce0005ng, ENVY 17-ce0005nl, ENVY 17-ce0007nl, ENVY 17-ce0009nf, ENVY 17-ce0014na, ENVY 17-ce0302ng, ENVY 17-ce0550nd, ENVY 17-ce0906nd, ENVY 17-ce0907nd, ENVY 17-ce1000ns, ENVY 17-ce1007nf, ENVY 17-ce1007nl, ENVY 17-ce1008nl, ENVY 17-ce1017no, ENVY 17-ce1210ng, ENVY 17-ce1615ng, ENVY 17-ce1650nd, ENVY 17-ce1906nd, ENVY 17-ce1907nd, ENVY 17-cg0000nb, ENVY 17-cg0000ns, ENVY 17-cg0002na, ENVY 17-cg0002nl, ENVY 17-cg0003na, ENVY 17-cg0003nl, ENVY 17-cg0004nl, ENVY 17-cg0004nn, ENVY 17-cg0008nl, ENVY 17-cg0008no, ENVY 17-cg0009nb, ENVY 17-cg0010nm, ENVY 17-cg0019nb, ENVY 17-cg0019no, ENVY 17-cg0037nb, ENVY 17-cg0155ng, ENVY 17-cg0157ng, ENVY 17-cg0177ng, ENVY 17-cg0511na, ENVY 17-cg0511sa, ENVY 17-cg0550nd, ENVY 17-cg0555nd, ENVY 17-cg0650nd, ENVY 17-cg0700nd, ENVY 17-cg0720nd, ENVY 17-cg0750nd, ENVY 17-cg0906nd, ENVY 17-cg0907nd, ENVY 17-cg0969nd, ENVY 17-cg0983nd, ENVY 17-cg0995nd, ENVY 17-cg1000na, ENVY 17-cg1001na, ENVY 17-cg1051nm, ENVY 17-cg1055ng, ENVY 17-cg1075ng, ENVY 17-cg1076ng, ENVY 17-cg1350nd, ENVY 17-cg1490nd, ENVY 17-cg1500nz, ENVY 17-cg1502nz, ENVY 17-cg1720nd, ENVY 17-cg1850nd, ENVY 17-ch0000ns, ENVY 17-ch0001no, ENVY 17-ch0002no, ENVY 17-ch0220nd, ENVY 17-ch0250nd, ENVY 17-ch0290nd, ENVY 17-j013cl, ENVY 17-j027cl, ENVY 17-j060us, ENVY 17-j101sf, ENVY 17-j115cl, ENVY 17-j150la, ENVY 17-j150nr, ENVY 17-j180ca, ENVY 17-j181nr, ENVY 17-j184nr, ENVY 17-k073ca, ENVY 17-k201nf, ENVY 17-k207nf, ENVY 17-k207TX, ENVY 17-k250ca, ENVY 17-k270ca, ENVY 17-k273ca, ENVY 17-n001nl, ENVY 17-n008nl, ENVY 17-n078ca, ENVY 17-n100nn, ENVY 17-n100ns, ENVY 17-n102nn, ENVY 17-n105nl, ENVY 17-n106nl, ENVY 17-n106TX, ENVY 17-n107TX, ENVY 17-n108tx, ENVY 17-n109TX, ENVY 17-n110TX, ENVY 17-n111TX, ENVY 17-n151nr, ENVY 17-s010nr, ENVY 4-1015dx, ENVY 4-1043cl, ENVY 4-1050ca, ENVY dv4-5213cl, ENVY dv4-5260nr, ENVY dv6-7210us, ENVY dv6-7226nr, ENVY dv6-7229wm, ENVY dv6-7245us, ENVY dv6-7246us, ENVY dv6-7247cl, ENVY dv6-7260he, ENVY dv6-7267cl, ENVY dv6-7273ca, ENVY dv6-7312nr, ENVY dv6-7323cl, ENVY dv6-7329nr, ENVY dv6-7363cl, ENVY dv7-7223cl, ENVY dv7-7227cl, ENVY dv7-7234nr, ENVY dv7-7238nr, ENVY dv7-7240us, ENVY dv7-7243cl, ENVY dv7-7247cl, ENVY dv7-7250us, ENVY dv7-7255dx, ENVY dv7-7259nr, ENVY dv7-7270ca, ENVY dv7-7273ca, ENVY dv7-7292nr, ENVY dv7-7298ca, ENVY dv7-7323cl, ENVY dv7-7373ca, ENVY m4-1115dx, ENVY m6-1105dx, ENVY m6-1125dx, ENVY m6-1148ca, ENVY m6-1205dx, ENVY m6-1225dx, ENVY m6-ae151dx, ENVY m6-n010dx, ENVY m6-n012dx, ENVY m6-n168ca, ENVY m6-p013dx, ENVY m6-p113dx, ENVY m7-k010dx, ENVY m7-k111dx, ENVY m7-k211dx, ENVY m7-n011dx, ENVY m7-n014dx, ENVY m7-n101dx, ENVY m7-n109dx, ENVY Rove 20-k014us Mobile All-in-One, ENVY Rove 20-k120 Mobile All-in-One PC, ENVY Rove 20-k127c Mobile All-in-One, ENVY Sleekbook 14-k027cl, ENVY Sleekbook 4-1010us, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1010us, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1014nr, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1015nr, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1017cl, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1040ca, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1048ca, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1110us, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1111nr, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1129wm, ENVY Sleekbook m6-k010dx, ENVY Sleekbook m6-k088ca, ENVY TouchSmart 14-k110nr, ENVY TouchSmart 15-j003cl, ENVY TouchSmart 15-j007cl, ENVY TouchSmart 15-J050US, ENVY TouchSmart 15-j051nr, ENVY TouchSmart 15-j052nr, ENVY TouchSmart 15-j053cl, ENVY TouchSmart 15-j063cl, ENVY TouchSmart 15-j067cl, ENVY TouchSmart 15-j073cl, ENVY TouchSmart 15-j119wm, ENVY TouchSmart 15-j152nr, ENVY TouchSmart 15-j170us, ENVY TouchSmart 15-j173cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j017cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j023cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j037cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j043cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j107tx, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j117cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j127cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j141nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j153cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j157cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j178ca, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j186nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-k205TX, ENVY TouchSmart 4-1195ca, ENVY TouchSmart 4-1215dx, ENVY TouchSmart m6-n015dx, ENVY TouchSmart m6-n113dx, ENVY TouchSmart m7-j010dx, ENVY TouchSmart m7-j020dx, ENVY TouchSmart m7-j120dx, ENVY TouchSmart Sleekbook m6-k015dx, ENVY x2 11-g010nr, ENVY x2 13-j002dx, ENVY x2 13-j012dx, ENVY x360 13-ag0000no, ENVY x360 13-ag0001na, ENVY x360 13-ag0002na, ENVY x360 13-ag0003na, ENVY x360 13-ag0011au, ENVY x360 13-ag0013au, ENVY x360 13-ag0014au, ENVY x360 13-ag0015au, ENVY x360 13-ag0017au, ENVY x360 13-ag0024au, ENVY x360 13-ag0502na, ENVY x360 13-ag0503na, ENVY x360 13-ag0560nd, ENVY x360 13-ag0590nd, ENVY x360 13-ag0808no, ENVY x360 13-ag0998na, ENVY x360 13-ag0999na, ENVY x360 13-ar0000nf, ENVY x360 13-ar0000no, ENVY x360 13-ar0000ns, ENVY x360 13-ar0001na, ENVY x360 13-ar0002ns, ENVY x360 13-ar0003ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0003no, ENVY x360 13-ar0004ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0005na, ENVY x360 13-ar0005nl, ENVY x360 13-ar0008nf, ENVY x360 13-ar0009nf, ENVY x360 13-ar0030au, ENVY x360 13-ar0038au, ENVY x360 13-ar0040au, ENVY x360 13-ar0043au, ENVY x360 13-ar0048au, ENVY x360 13-ar0053au, ENVY x360 13-ar0104ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0106ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0150nd, ENVY x360 13-ar0201ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0205ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0210ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0212ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0250nd, ENVY x360 13-ar0305ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0350nd, ENVY x360 13-ar0410ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0435ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0501na, ENVY x360 13-ar0501sa, ENVY x360 13-ar0504nz, ENVY x360 13-ar0600nz, ENVY x360 13-ar0630ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0640ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0697nd, ENVY x360 13-ar0710ng, ENVY x360 13-ar0900nz, ENVY x360 13-ay0000nd, ENVY x360 13-ay0001nd, ENVY x360 13-ay0001ns, ENVY x360 13-ay0002nd, ENVY x360 13-ay0003nd, ENVY x360 13-ay0003nl, ENVY x360 13-ay0005nd, ENVY x360 13-ay0008na, ENVY x360 13-ay0008nl, ENVY x360 13-ay0009na, ENVY x360 13-ay0011nn, ENVY x360 13-ay0015nl, ENVY x360 13-ay0017nl, ENVY x360 13-ay0020nl, ENVY x360 13-ay0021nn, ENVY x360 13-ay0504na, ENVY x360 13-ay0505sa, ENVY x360 13-ay0802no, ENVY x360 13-ay0820nd, ENVY x360 13-ay0952nd, ENVY x360 13-ay0956nd, ENVY x360 13-ay0987nd, ENVY x360 13-bd0100nd, ENVY x360 13-bd0510nd, ENVY x360 13-bd0550nd, ENVY x360 15-aq000ng, ENVY x360 15-aq000nn, ENVY x360 15-aq000nr, ENVY x360 15-aq001na, ENVY x360 15-aq002ng, ENVY x360 15-aq002nn, ENVY x360 15-aq002no, ENVY x360 15-aq003ng, ENVY x360 15-aq015nd, ENVY x360 15-cn0000no, ENVY x360 15-cn0001na, ENVY x360 15-cn0001no, ENVY x360 15-cn0002no, ENVY x360 15-cn0003na, ENVY x360 15-cn0003no, ENVY x360 15-cn0004na, ENVY x360 15-cn0004no, ENVY x360 15-cn0005na, ENVY x360 15-cn0006na, ENVY x360 15-cn0006tu, ENVY x360 15-cn0007na, ENVY x360 15-cn0008na, ENVY x360 15-cn0100nd, ENVY x360 15-cn0350nd, ENVY x360 15-cn0798no, ENVY x360 15-cn0799no, ENVY x360 15-cn0850nd, ENVY x360 15-cn1000no, ENVY x360 15-cn1001no, ENVY x360 15-cn1004no, ENVY x360 15-cn1008no, ENVY x360 15-cn1009no, ENVY x360 15-cn1100nd, ENVY x360 15-cn1250nd, ENVY x360 15-cn1350nd, ENVY x360 15-cn1511na, ENVY x360 15-cp0000au, ENVY x360 15-cp0000na, ENVY x360 15-cp0000no, ENVY x360 15-cp0001na, ENVY x360 15-cp0003no, ENVY x360 15-cp0004no, ENVY x360 15-cp0008au, ENVY x360 15-cp0598na, ENVY x360 15-cp0599na, ENVY x360 15-dr0000na, ENVY x360 15-dr0000no, ENVY x360 15-dr0001ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0002ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0002no, ENVY x360 15-dr0003no, ENVY x360 15-dr0004no, ENVY x360 15-dr0005no, ENVY x360 15-dr0008nl, ENVY x360 15-dr0009nl, ENVY x360 15-dr0010nl, ENVY x360 15-dr0021nf, ENVY x360 15-dr0024tx, ENVY x360 15-dr0026na, ENVY x360 15-dr0028na, ENVY x360 15-dr0030na, ENVY x360 15-dr0031tx, ENVY x360 15-dr0033na, ENVY x360 15-dr0033tx, ENVY x360 15-dr0100ng, ENVY x360 15-dr0150nd, ENVY x360 15-dr0250nd, ENVY x360 15-dr0350nd, ENVY x360 15-dr0600nz, ENVY x360 15-dr0650nd, ENVY x360 15-dr0800nz, ENVY x360 15-dr0945nd, ENVY x360 15-dr0948nd, ENVY x360 15-dr0994nz, ENVY x360 15-dr0997nz, ENVY x360 15-dr1000no, ENVY x360 15-dr1001nf, ENVY x360 15-dr1004nl, ENVY x360 15-dr1013na, ENVY x360 15-dr1021na, ENVY x360 15-dr1025na, ENVY x360 15-dr1026na, ENVY x360 15-dr1027nl, ENVY x360 15-dr1028nl, ENVY x360 15-dr1029nl, ENVY x360 15-dr1030nl, ENVY x360 15-dr1031nl, ENVY x360 15-dr1032nl, ENVY x360 15-dr1038no, ENVY x360 15-dr1150nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1230no, ENVY x360 15-dr1250no, ENVY x360 15-dr1300nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1500nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1650nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1850nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1945nd, ENVY x360 15-dr1948nd, ENVY x360 15-ds0000na, ENVY x360 15-ds0000ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0000no, ENVY x360 15-ds0001ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0001no, ENVY x360 15-ds0002na, ENVY x360 15-ds0002ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0003no, ENVY x360 15-ds0004na, ENVY x360 15-ds0004nf, ENVY x360 15-ds0004no, ENVY x360 15-ds0005na, ENVY x360 15-ds0005ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0005no, ENVY x360 15-ds0006no, ENVY x360 15-ds0007ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0007no, ENVY x360 15-ds0014nf, ENVY x360 15-ds0015no, ENVY x360 15-ds0018nf, ENVY x360 15-ds0021au, ENVY x360 15-ds0024au, ENVY x360 15-ds0032au, ENVY x360 15-ds0035au, ENVY x360 15-ds0101ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0102ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0210ng, ENVY x360 15-ds0500nd, ENVY x360 15-ds0502na, ENVY x360 15-ds0599na, ENVY x360 15-ds0760nd, ENVY x360 15-ed0005no, ENVY x360 15-ed0006na, ENVY x360 15-ed0006nl, ENVY x360 15-ed0007na, ENVY x360 15-ed0007no, ENVY x360 15-ed0018no, ENVY x360 15-ed0019tu, ENVY x360 15-ed0039no, ENVY x360 15-ed0150nd, ENVY x360 15-ed0155nd, ENVY x360 15-ed0300nd, ENVY x360 15-ed0500nd, ENVY x360 15-ed0503na, ENVY x360 15-ed0504na, ENVY x360 15-ed0650nd, ENVY x360 15-ed0985nd, ENVY x360 15-ed1000na, ENVY x360 15-ed1000no, ENVY x360 15-ed1001na, ENVY x360 15-ed1002nl, ENVY x360 15-ed1038no, ENVY x360 15-ed1150nd, ENVY x360 15-ed1155nd, ENVY x360 15-ed1250nd, ENVY x360 15-ed1255nd, ENVY x360 15-ed1350nd, ENVY x360 15-ed1550nd, ENVY x360 15-ed1555nd, ENVY x360 15-ed1650nd, ENVY x360 15-ed1870nd, ENVY x360 15-ee0000na, ENVY x360 15-ee0002na, ENVY x360 15-ee0003nl, ENVY x360 15-ee0005no, ENVY x360 15-ee0012no, ENVY x360 15-ee0013no, ENVY x360 15-ee0015no, ENVY x360 15-ee0016au, ENVY x360 15-ee0100nd, ENVY x360 15-ee0175nd, ENVY x360 15-ee0501nd, ENVY x360 15-ee0503na, ENVY x360 15-ee0504na, ENVY x360 15-ee0700no, ENVY x360 15-ee0957nd, ENVY x360 15-ee0991nd, ENVY x360 15-es0025no, ENVY x360 15-es0200nd, ENVY x360 15-es0540nd, ENVY x360 15-es0560nd, ENVY x360 15-es0570nd, ENVY x360 15-es0650nd, ENVY x360 15-eu0001no, ENVY x360 15-eu0012no, ENVY x360 15-eu0024no, ENVY x360 15-eu0100nd, ENVY x360 15-eu0150nd, ENVY x360 15-eu0200nd, ENVY x360 15-eu0500nd, ENVY x360 15-u011dx, ENVY x360 15-u050ca, ENVY x360 15-u111dx, ENVY x360 15-u310nr, ENVY x360 15-u337cl, ENVY x360 15-u363cl, ENVY x360 15-u399nr, ENVY x360 15-u410nr, ENVY x360 15-u437cl, ENVY x360 15-w002nl, ENVY x360 15-w100nm, ENVY x360 15-w101nm, ENVY x360 15-w110nd, ENVY x360 15-w155nr, ENVY x360 m6-w010dx, ENVY x360 m6-w011dx, ENVY x360 m6-w101dx, ENVY x360 m6-w102dx, ENVY x360 m6-w103dx, ENVY x360 m6-w105dx, Pavilion 13-bb0002nl, Pavilion 13-bb0004nl, Pavilion 13-bb0005nl, Pavilion 13-bb0006nl, Pavilion 13-bb0007nl, Pavilion 14-ce2706nd, Pavilion x2 13-r100dx, Pavilion x360 14-dh0036nl, Pavilion x360 14-dw1031ns, Pavilion x360 14-dw1234ng, Pavilion x360 14-dw1254ng, Pavilion x360 14-dw1275ng, Split x2 13-f010dx, Split x2 13-g110dx, Split x2 13-g118ca, Split x2 13-g210dx, Split x2 13-m010dx, Split x2 13-m110dx, Split x2 13-r010dx, Stream 14-ds0003nl, Stream 14-ds0005nl


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Value-priced Pick-Up and Return Service provides high-quality door-to-door hardware service. It includes telephone support; pick-up of your failed HP branded hardware unit; repair or replacement at a HP-designated repair center; and return of the operational unit to you.Choose Pick-Up and Return Service when you need to quickly access remote problem diagnosis and technical support; improve uptime and productivity with prompt repair services; obtain consistent, expert hardware support backed by HP.
Product Description Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - extended service agreement - 2 years - pick-up and return
Type Extended service agreement
Service Included Parts and labour
Location Pick-up and return
Full Contract Period 2 years
Designed For OMEN by HP 15, 17; OMEN Obelisk by HP 875; OMEN X by HP 2S; HP 14, 15, 17; Chromebook 14; ENVY 13, 14, 15, 17, dv6, dv7, m6, m7; ENVY Rove 20; ENVY Sleekbook 14, m6; ENVY TouchSmart 14, 15, 17, m6, m7; ENVY x2; x360; Pavilion 13, 14; Pavilion x2; x360; Split x2; Stream 14
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