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HP Ultrabook Sleeve - Notebook carrying case1

HP Ultrabook Sleeve - Notebook carrying case
HP Ultrabook Sleeve - Notebook carrying case
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Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: H4K00AA#ABB

Art.No.: S11398053

14", black, for HP 14; Chromebook 11, 14; Pavilion 14; Pavilion x360; Spectre x360; Stream 14; x2

Price: 22,44 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


14-ac000na, 14-ac000nd, 14-ac000nf, 14-ac001no, 14-ac002nd, 14-ac003nf, 14-ac004np, 14-ac006nl, 14-ac007nl, 14-ac020ng, 14-ac100na, 14-ac100nd, 14-ac101nf, 14-ac101ng, 14-ac101np, 14-ac102nd, 14-ac102nf, 14-ac102no, 14-ac103nf, 14-ac103nl, 14-ac104nc, 14-ac104ng, 14-ac104no, 14-ac105nc, 14-ac105nf, 14-ac105ns, 14-ac107na, 14-ac107nl, 14-ac107ns, 14-ac108na, 14-ac109na, 14-ac109nf, 14-ac110na, 14-ac110nf, 14-ac111na, 14-ac111nf, 14-ac113nf, 14-ac114na, 14-ac116nf, 14-ac116ng, 14-ac117nf, 14-ac119nf, 14-ac120nf, 14-ac121nf, 14-ac122nf, 14-ac123nf, 14-ac124nf, 14-ac125nf, 14-ac126na, 14-ac180nd, 14-ac181nd, 14-ac182nd, 14-ac184ng, 14-ac188ng, 14-am005ni, 14-am011no, 14-am017no, 14-am018nl, 14-am019no, 14-am023no, 14-am028nf, 14-am037nf, 14-am040na, 14-am069na, 14-am074na, 14-am075na, 14-am077na, 14-am078na, 14-am079na, 14-am081na, 14-am082ng, 14-am094la, 14-bp100na, 14-bp100nx, 14-bp101ne, 14-bp151na, 14-bs101ng, 14-bs101no, 14-bs103nb, 14-bs130ng, 14-bs153od, 14-d003la, 14-d007la, 14-d020la, 14-d021la, 14-d022la, 14-d027br, 14-d027la, 14-d028br, 14-d028la, 14-d029la, 14-d030br, 14-d030la, 14-d031la, 14-d032la, 14-d034la, 14-d036la, 14-d040la, 14-d042la, 14-d043la, 14-df0010nr, 14-g005la, 14-g030la, 14-r001la, 14-r001np, 14-r002la, 14-r003la, 14-r005la, 14-r006la, 14-r007la, 14-r008la, 14-r008nf, 14-r009nf, 14-r010la, 14-r011la, 14-r012nf, 14-r013la, 14-r018la, 14-r020la, 14-r020nd, 14-r021la, 14-r022la, 14-r023la, 14-r050br, 14-r050no, 14-r051br, 14-r052br, 14-r052no, 14-r053no, 14-r100ng, 14-r100np, 14-r101np, 14-r200np, 14-r201ng, 14-r202ng, 14-r202ns, 14-r203ng, 14-r203ns, 14-r206nf, 14-r207nf, 14-r209nf, 14-r211la, 14-r213la, 14-r214la, 14-r215la, 14-r216la, 14-r217la, 14-r220la, 14-r220ng, 14-w001la, 14-w008la, 14-w104la, Chromebook 11-1101, Chromebook 11-1101us, Chromebook 11-1126FR, Chromebook 11-1126GR, Chromebook 11-1126NL, Chromebook 11-1126UK, Chromebook 11-2000na, Chromebook 11-2000nd, Chromebook 11-2000nf, Chromebook 11-2000nl, Chromebook 11-2000ns, Chromebook 11-2001na, Chromebook 11-2001nd, Chromebook 11-2001ns, Chromebook 11-2010nr, Chromebook 11-2070no, Chromebook 11-2071no, Chromebook 11-2100nd, Chromebook 11-2102nf, Chromebook 11-2110nr, Chromebook 11-2110nz, Chromebook 11-2199NF, Chromebook 11-2200na, Chromebook 11-2200nd, Chromebook 11-2200nz, Chromebook 11-2201na, Chromebook 11-v002nf, Chromebook 11-v004nf, Chromebook 11-v005nd, Chromebook 11-v010wm, Chromebook 11-v012nr, Chromebook 11-v020wm, Chromebook 11-v025wm, Chromebook 11-v032nr, Chromebook 11-v051sa, Chromebook 14 G3, Chromebook 14-ak000nd, Chromebook 14-ak000nf, Chromebook 14-ak000nz, Chromebook 14-ak003na, Chromebook 14-ak004na, Chromebook 14-ak004nf, Chromebook 14-ak004no, Chromebook 14-ak005na, Chromebook 14-ak005nf, Chromebook 14-ak005no, Chromebook 14-ak006na, Chromebook 14-ca000na, Chromebook 14-ca000no, Chromebook 14-ca001nf, Chromebook 14-ca001no, Chromebook 14-ca002nf, Chromebook 14-ca003nf, Chromebook 14-ca004na, Chromebook 14-ca004nf, Chromebook 14-ca008nb, Chromebook 14-ca021nd, Chromebook 14-ca023nr, Chromebook 14-ca030nd, Chromebook 14-ca031nd, Chromebook 14-ca040nd, Chromebook 14-ca050na, Chromebook 14-ca051wm, Chromebook 14-ca079no, Chromebook 14-x000na, Chromebook 14-x000no, Chromebook 14-x001nd, Chromebook 14-x001nf, Chromebook 14-x001no, Chromebook 14-x002nd, Chromebook 14-x002no, Chromebook 14-x003nd, Chromebook 14-x003nf, Chromebook 14-x003no, Chromebook 14-x004na, Chromebook 14-x004nd, Chromebook 14-x006na, Chromebook 14-x010ca, Chromebook 14-x010nr, Chromebook 14-x010ns, Chromebook 14-x010nz, Chromebook 14-x010wm, Chromebook 14-x011nf, Chromebook 14-x012nf, Chromebook 14-x013nf, Chromebook 14-x014nf, Chromebook 14-x015wm, Chromebook 14-x016na, Chromebook 14-x017na, Chromebook 14-x020na, Chromebook 14-x021na, Chromebook 14-x023na, Chromebook 14-x024na, Chromebook 14-x025na, Chromebook 14-x030nb, Chromebook 14-x030nz, Chromebook 14-x031nb, Chromebook 14-X094NF, Chromebook 14-x095nf, Chromebook 14-X096NF, Chromebook 14-x097nf, Chromebook 14-x099nd, Chromebook x360 11-ae003no, Chromebook x360 11-ae010nr, Chromebook x360 11-ae020nr, Chromebook x360 11-ae027nr, Chromebook x360 11-ae030nr, Chromebook x360 11-ae040nr, Chromebook x360 11-ae106nf, Chromebook x360 11-ae107nf, Chromebook x360 11-ae109nf, Chromebook x360 11-ae110nr, Chromebook x360 11-ae120nr, ENVY 13-1007la, ENVY 13-1030ca, ENVY 13-1050ea, ENVY 13-1050ef, ENVY 13-1050eg, ENVY 13-1050es, ENVY 13-1099eo, ENVY 13-1940ez, ENVY 13-ab000nw, ENVY 13-ab002la, ENVY 13-ab007na, ENVY 13-ab010nl, ENVY 13-ab014nb, ENVY 13-ab016nf, ENVY 13-ab024nf, ENVY 13-ab025nf, ENVY 13-ab035nf, ENVY 13-ab077cl, ENVY 13-ad001nf, ENVY 13-ad003nf, ENVY 13-ad004la, ENVY 13-ad004nf, ENVY 13-ad004no, ENVY 13-ad006la, ENVY 13-ad006ns, ENVY 13-ad006nw, ENVY 13-ad007la, ENVY 13-ad007nf, ENVY 13-ad008ns, ENVY 13-ad009nf, ENVY 13-ad010ns, ENVY 13-ad011na, ENVY 13-ad012na, ENVY 13-ad012no, ENVY 13-ad013na, ENVY 13-ad013ns, ENVY 13-ad014nf, ENVY 13-ad015na, ENVY 13-ad017nf, ENVY 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Bewitching black, plush padding and faux-fur lining surround and cradle your 14.1" Ultrabook in trendsetting luxury. It's the perfect accessory for every season and all occasions. Dress it up; dress it down. Take it with you everywhere you go.This upscale HP sleeve channels your inner supermodel and indulges your savvy fashionista. Rich. Stylish. Confident. Bewitching black draws you in. Plus, bold hardware makes a dramatic statement all its own.If your Ultrabook could talk, it would thank you from the bottom of its delicate heart. Thank you for cradling it in sturdy padding, a water-resistant exterior and luxurious faux-fur lining that prevents scratches.
Product Description HP Ultrabook Sleeve notebook carrying case
Product Type Notebook carrying case
Colour Black
Product Material Faux fur
Dimensions (WxDxH) 35.6 cm x 2.9 cm x 24.8 cm
Weight 216 g
Notebook Compatibility 14"
Features Water resistant
Localisation English / Europe
Designed For HP 14; Chromebook 11, 14, 14 G3; Chromebook x360; ENVY 13, 14, 4; ENVY x2; x360; Pavilion 13, 14, dm1; Pavilion Sleekbook 14; Pavilion TouchSmart 10, 11, 14; Pavilion x2; x360; SlateBook 14; Spectre 13; Spectre x2; x360; Split x2; Stream 11, 13, 14, Pro 11; Stream x360; x2; x360
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