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HP DisplayPort to VGA Adapter - Video converter1

HP DisplayPort to VGA Adapter - Video converter
HP DisplayPort to VGA Adapter - Video converter

Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: F7W97AA

Art.No.: S13742295

DisplayPort, VGA, for HP Z1 G8; Desktop Pro 300 G6; EliteDesk 800 G8; EliteOne 800 G8; Workstation Z1 G8, Z2 G8

Price: 44,80 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


Desktop Pro 300 G6, Desktop Pro A G3, Elite Slice G2 with Intel Unite, Elite x2 1011 G1, EliteBook 2170p, EliteBook 2570p, EliteBook 720 G1, EliteBook 720 G2, EliteBook 725 G2, EliteBook 725 G3, EliteBook 725 G4, EliteBook 740 G1, EliteBook 740 G2, EliteBook 745 G2, EliteBook 745 G3, EliteBook 745 G4, EliteBook 750 G1, EliteBook 750 G2, EliteBook 755 G2, EliteBook 755 G3, EliteBook 755 G4, EliteBook 820 G1, EliteBook 820 G2, EliteBook 820 G4, EliteBook 830 G6, EliteBook 840 G1, EliteBook 840 G2, EliteBook 840 G4, EliteBook 840r G4, EliteBook 8470p, EliteBook 850 G1, EliteBook 850 G2, EliteBook 850 G4, EliteBook Folio 1040 G1, EliteBook Folio 1040 G2, EliteBook Folio 9480m, EliteBook Revolve 810 G1 Tablet, EliteBook Revolve 810 G2 Tablet, EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 Tablet, EliteDesk 800 G8, EliteOne 800 G8, ENVY 27-b010, ENVY 27-b100la, ENVY 27-b101la, ENVY 27-b101nx, ENVY 27-b103nx, ENVY 27-b105na, ENVY 27-b105nl, ENVY 27-b107na, ENVY 27-b109na, ENVY 27-b112nf, ENVY 27-b113nf, ENVY 27-b121ni, ENVY 27-b145se, ENVY 27-b155qd, ENVY 27-b180nz, ENVY 27-b199nz, ENVY 750-411, ENVY 750-424, ENVY 750-478nz, ENVY 750-537cb, ENVY 750-545xt, ENVY 750-555qe, ENVY 750-567cb, ENVY Curved 34-a001a, ENVY Curved 34-a001la, ENVY Curved 34-a010, ENVY Curved 34-a090na, ENVY Curved 34-a090nb, ENVY Curved 34-a090nf, ENVY Curved 34-a090ng, ENVY Curved 34-a090nl, ENVY Curved 34-a090no, ENVY Curved 34-a090ns, ENVY Curved 34-a090nz, ENVY Curved 34-a150, ENVY Curved 34-a160, ENVY Curved 34-a200nb, ENVY Curved 34-b000nd, ENVY Curved 34-b000nf, ENVY Curved 34-b000ng, ENVY Curved 34-b000nl, ENVY Curved 34-b000no, ENVY Curved 34-b001la, ENVY Curved 34-b001nf, ENVY Curved 34-b002nf, ENVY Curved 34-b004la, ENVY Curved 34-b010, ENVY Curved 34-b010a, ENVY Curved 34-b010nb, ENVY Curved 34-b010nl, ENVY Curved 34-b010no, ENVY Curved 34-b011a, ENVY Curved 34-b013nf, ENVY Curved 34-b015t, ENVY Curved 34-b024nb, ENVY Curved 34-b025nb, ENVY Curved 34-b026nb, ENVY Curved 34-b050na, ENVY Curved 34-b050nc, ENVY Curved 34-b051ng, ENVY Curved 34-b070na, ENVY Curved 34-b071ns, ENVY Curved 34-b073ns, ENVY Curved 34-b080nl, ENVY Curved 34-b090nz, ENVY Curved 34-b100na, ENVY Curved 34-b100nf, ENVY Curved 34-b100nl, ENVY Curved 34-b100ns, ENVY Curved 34-b101nf, ENVY Curved 34-b102na, ENVY Curved 34-b102nb, ENVY Curved 34-b102ns, ENVY Curved 34-b104nc, ENVY Curved 34-b105no, ENVY Curved 34-b110, ENVY Curved 34-b110nf, ENVY Curved 34-b110no, ENVY Curved 34-b113nf, ENVY Curved 34-b114nf, ENVY Curved 34-b120nb, ENVY Curved 34-b124nb, ENVY Curved 34-b126nb, ENVY Curved 34-b130ng, ENVY Curved 34-b135se, ENVY Curved 34-b139ng, ENVY Curved 34-b150nd, ENVY Curved 34-b150ng, ENVY Curved 34-b151ng, ENVY Curved 34-b172a, ENVY Curved 34-b180nz, ENVY Curved 34-b190nd, ENVY Curved 34-b190nz, Mobile Thin Client mt40, Mobile Thin Client mt42, Pavilion 24-b010, Pavilion 24-b010a, Pavilion 24-b010z, Pavilion 24-b017c, Pavilion 27-a002la, Pavilion 27-a021, Pavilion 27-a031, Pro x2 612 G1, ProBook 640 G1, ProBook 640 G2, ProBook 640 G3, ProBook 640 G4, ProBook 645 G1, ProBook 645 G2, ProBook 645 G3, ProBook 645 G4, ProBook 6470b, ProBook 6475b, ProBook 650 G1, ProBook 650 G2, ProBook 650 G3, ProBook 650 G4, ProBook 650 G5, ProBook 655 G1, ProBook 655 G2, ProBook 655 G3, ProBook 6570b, ProDesk 405 G6, Workstation Z1 G8, Workstation Z1 G8 Entry, Workstation Z2 G8, Z1 G8, ZBook 14 G2 Mobile Workstation, ZBook 14 Mobile Workstation, ZBook 14u G4 Mobile Workstation, ZBook 15 G2 Mobile Workstation, ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation, ZBook 15u G2 Mobile Workstation, ZBook 15u G4 Mobile Workstation, ZBook 17 G2 Mobile Workstation, ZBook 17 G3 Mobile Workstation, ZBook 17 G4 Mobile Workstation, ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation


X by HP 900-000t
Converts the DisplayPort connector on a HP Compaq Business Desktop computer to a VGA port. The adapter has a latching DisplayPort connector on one end that connects to the graphics source and VGA connector on the other for connecting to a VGA monitor cable.
Product Description HP DisplayPort to VGA Adapter - video converter
Device Type Video converter
Interfaces 1 x DisplayPort input - 20 pin DisplayPort
1 x VGA output - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)
Length 20.32 cm
Designed For OMEN X by HP 900; HP Z1 G8; Desktop Pro 300 G6, Pro A G3; Elite Slice G2; EliteBook 830 G6, 840r G4; EliteDesk 800 G8; EliteOne 800 G8; ENVY 27, 750; ENVY Curved 34; Pavilion 24, 27; ProBook 64X G3, 64X G4, 650 G4, 650 G5, 65X G3; ProDesk 405 G6; Workstation Z1 G8, Z2 G8; ZBook 14u G4, 15u G4, 17 G4
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